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Banghis Khan
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HARD HITTING Half-gig Collector's Vintage Ludwig Vistalite. An NN-XT Advanced Sampler Instrument.

Perfectly-Tuned 24-bit Kicks, Snares, Toms, Crashing Cymbals, Open/Closed High Hats.

AudioWarrior delivers a finely sampled studio quality 9 piece DrumKit to your desktop mapped with dual 

samples of each sound for simultaneous LeftHand-RightHand playability.

Banghis Khan features a completely programmed 14 channel personal dedicated drum mixer with separate 

channels for every drum and cymbal sound!

24 bit stereo Individual DrumKit sounds from within Reason
26" Bass Drum
14" Snare L+R
16" TOM L+R
15" TOM L+R
14" TOM L+R
13" TOM L+R
12" TOM L+R
10" TOM L+R
14" High Hat L+R
20" Ride Cymbal
18" China Cymbal
16" Crash Cymbal
Shakers L+R
Tambourine L+R
Stick Hits L+R
Snare rolls Stereo-Looped
Ashiko 12x 27
Ashiko 8 x 27
From within Reason, users can add Reason Rack effects like Studio Quality Reverb, Compressor, Distortion, Chorus,
EQ, Delay, and adjust the individual level of each separate drum and cymbal, including outboard routing options and
exportable Audio/MIDI performances @16 or 24 bit.

Using any of 38 Rewire Hosts, Banghis Khan audio can be sent into your favorite multi-track mixing software including
Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Traktion2, Sony Acid, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live.
Last but not least, play 2 Hand-Built Ashikos exactly like you would play a hand drum except now it's mapped perfectly
on 15 keys, from the center of the drum, and multi-sampled outwards to rim shots with up to 12 velocity layers.

The fully playable demo "Kit A" is accessed from the top left of Reason's browser via File > Open. Inside you'll find BanghisKhanDemo.rps Just hit play on the transport and hold onto your hat.

Demo Download.sit -Requires Reason® Requires Reason®

BANGHIS KHAN Lufwig Vistalite®

Reason ReFill
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