electric Guitar, Elektrik Guitar, Reason ReFill, Triple Guitar
Elektrik Lead Guitar 

Unique lead guitar sounds like no other.
Easily play leads like Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner
from Woodstock or emulate the Brian May sound from Queen.


Ready-To-Play Combinator Modules
with Stacked NN-XTs in Major and Minor Keys
Use the Pitch Wheel for whammy bar dive bombs.

Reason Refills, Electric Guitar, ReasonReason Refills, Electric Guitar, Reason


An AWE-Inspiring Electric Lead Guitar Songwriting Tool with ready-to-play Combinator Chord Modules pre-loaded
with Major & Minor Chord/Keys with NN-XT--Combi's and lead patches.

Premium Power Chords and Lead. 

Ready-to-play Combinator Modules of Major and Minor Keys. Authentic lead guitar notes with authentic string vibrato
with blended harmonics that will lift your solos to new heights.  Use the PITCH WHEEL for DIVE BOMBS and WHAMMY
BAR effects!

Includes 85 expandable chords. Play the notes of any chord patch in any order including Barre Chords.
Ships with a variety of dry and effected Chromatics via Reason's on board studio quality effects.

Experience "ChromaVibe" Alternating samples with Morphing Harmonic Vibrato.

Includes 85 Expandable/Strummable Power Chords

Reason ReFills, Triple Guitar
Reason ReFills, Triple Guitars

How the Demo is Mapped

The Free Fully functional and yours to keep 24 bit strummable D Suspended chord demo ReFill is an Interactive
Reason Published Song called electricStrummerDemo.rps
It is accessed via Reason's Rack Browser using File->Open
Beginning On C2 there are 5 alternating "singing" harmonics from an AString(C)
On the very next white-D2 there are 5 alternating "singing" harmonics from a DString(open)
Starting on D3-A3 there'a a FULLY STRUMMABLE G-MAPPED D-suspended with 5 alternating "singing" harmonics
on A3-the last note of the chord at the highest velocity- High_E_String(G)

electric Guitar, Elektrik Guitar, Reason ReFill, Triple Guitar

Demo Download.sit -Requires Reason

DemoDownload.zip -Requires Reason

For Reason 3, 4, 5, 6+

Reason ReFill  

List Price: $99.99
Rating: Overall: 10.00

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