KONTAKT, Acoustic Guitar, music software, real guitar

Auto Strumming and Chromatic 6 String Acoustic Guitar

 Chords and iStrum MIDI patterns.


An indispensable songwriting tool with 3400 Automatic-Chord-
Strummming possibilities. Have it Auto Strum or strum it the way
YOU want to hear it.
The 6 String Acoustic Guitar  is a special featured
virtual rhythm guitar that can be manually strummed, or, will
Auto-Strum in any key and any tempo with a wide variety of songwriting
chords that can be used to build complete
rhythm guitar tracks via AudioWarrior's exclusive iStrum MIDI Patterns
and AudioWarrior's Pat Pending  G-Mapped chords.

The First and only Literally "Strummable" Premium 6 String Acoustic Guitar for  HALION.
...Warm, vibrant, resonating, rich, robust, musically pleasing, stunningly beautiful,
each sound with it's own unique character.


* Instantly open all of G-Mapped chords in one Bank window

* Natural acoustic 24 bit samples
* AudioWarrior's Exclusive Patent Pending G-Mapping process for user interactive
authentic chord strumming
on a non-weighted MIDI keyboard

* Chromatic patches plus click & play Chord Bank.

* Thousands of chord combinations possible

* "85" G-Mapped Strummable chord patches. Strum or pick chords any way you choose.

* Natively programmed as a playable performance instrument in HALION.

*Requires HALION 3.1 or higher
Windows XP | Vista | Mac OS X

KONTAKT, Acoustic Guitar, music software, real guitar
6 String Acoustic Guitar
for HALION3 or higher


Price: $39     

List Price: $99
Rating: Overall: 10.00

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